Beloved Pomak people and friends of Pomaks!

Pomaks, who live in Sweden, has long since initiated to organize themselves around and they had established The Pomak Institute. We share the statement they have announced.

Beloved Pomak people and friends of Pomaks! As we have continued the preparatory work to found The Pomak Institute, the efforts eventually reached a conclusion.

In recent weeks, as a result of our meetings where all the necessary legal procedures have been met and the necessary applications were completed to legally establish the Pomak Institute.

At our recent founding meeting, the 11 members unanimously voted a board of directors, constituting 5 members, under the chairmanship of Ibrahim Kenar.

We believe that we have taken a great and historic step for the Pomak people. Now, Pomak people have an Institute that will own up the historical and cultural values of the Pomak people and organize activities at the international level.

We are fully confident that the coming years will better demonstrate the fruits of these efforts.

The Pomak Institute we have established is independent and not related to any political organisation at all. The Pomak Institute aims at serving the Pomak people’s interest only and stipulates to commit its activities in the interest of the Pomak people.

We would like to list the objectives and activities of the Pomak Institute as follows: 
a- To develop Pomak language, literature and culture, carry out research and collect the existing researches.

b- The Institute will not limit the research activities to Pomak language, literature and culture. The Institute also organizes informative and educational seminars, meetings and discussions around these subjects.

c- The Institute will support individuals and bodies who have carried out studies regarding Pomaks, will collaborate with them and participate in joint projects.

d- To reach Pomaks, the Institute will publish and distribute newsletters, brochures, magazines, books and publications. These are some of the fundamental duties of the Institute.

e- To ensure that the Pomaks learning their language better, the Institute is compelled to launch Pomak language courses and obliged to prepare written materials for these courses.

f- One of the aims of the institute is to found a great Pomak Library and to collect all documents written on Pomaks that may be in the archives of various countries.

g- Organising joint activities, support and develop their projects and to create an environment of collaboration with research institutions of other countries on projects regarding Pomaks is one of the aims of the Institute.

h- The Institute aims at and works towards integrating Pomak people to the Swedish society. The institute pays special attention on the development of Pomak women and carries out activities to enable Pomak women to take their place in the Swedish Society.

j-In order to acquaint the Pomaks with the Swedish Society one of the important aspects of the Institute’s activities is to translate Swedish texts to Pomak language and  have the Pomak works of literature translated into Swedish language.

As we have gathered together to materialize all these aims and activities, we hope that Pomak people and their friends will endeavour to do their best to support us.

We wish the Pomak Institute will be beneficial to Pomak people all friends of Pomaks all over the world and.

The Pomak Institute Board of Directors 


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